Perky Throw Pillow with Ducks

I love ducks, especially runner ducks. They stand upright and run rather than squat and waddle. They appear so serious and goofy at the same time! I imagine having ducks one day, but I love dogs who love ducks, so this may be as close to duck ownership as I get!

Inspired by my colorful, whimsical clay designs, these select throw pillows are silkscreened and sewn in our studio. The pillow tops are printed on 100% unbleached cotton canvas. This is one of my most colorful designs. We use four screens, one for each color, to capture the vibrance of the garden. Each screen must line up perfectly so that the colors don’t overlap. It is definitely a process, but so worth it!

We print with non-toxic, water based inks that are much healthier for the environment than traditional inks. The water base inks also gives the design a softer hand than traditional plastic based inks. Each envelope pillow cover is sewn by hand in studio. The design is signed with Susan’s signature flower stamp and each pillow cover has a Susan Stone label sewn onto the fabric.

Throw Pillows are usually MADE TO ORDER and may take 2-3 weeks if PRE-ORDERED

  • 10 oz. unbleached cotton canvas
  • 18” X 18” envelope pillow cover, 20” x 20” pillow insert included
  • Handprinted design inspired by Susan’s original pottery designs
  • Silkscreened and sewn in Susan Stone’s studio
  • Non-toxic, water based inks, better for the environment and softer on your pillow!
  • Each pillow cover is finished with Susan’s signature flower stamp and labeled

Care instructions:

Hand wash in cool water, dry flat, press

Designs will soften with washings and some fading may occur over time.

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