About Susan Stone

Welcome to Susan Stone Design. 
I'm Susan, the potter, designer, ringleader of this sweet little circus.
I absolutely love what I do.



susan stone



My Story

When I was a kid, I loved drawing and playing with clay. I also loved climbing trees, snuggling dogs and cats. Seems I haven’t changed much. 

Perhaps I should say I have stayed true to myself.

I studied ceramics at The Appalachian Center for Crafts and graduated with a BFA in 1999. Later, I went to school for graphic design. I believe you would call this foreshadowing. 

Although I studied at ACC, my style of work is self-taught. The traditional stoneware I was making was not exciting me, so I compiled a list of all the artwork and styles that I found inspiring. The common threads- bright colors, Scandinavian design, woodblock prints, functionality, simplicity. I began playing with colored slips, carving, simple forms and designs, white stoneware. Susan Stone Design started taking shape. I really felt like I had found my voice. Color and joy slipped in and brightened my day!

I love bright colors, Scandinavian design, woodblock prints, functionality, simplicity.

Susan Stone Design is inspired by humor and love, nature and joy. 

detail of dinner plate with daisies and dotsWhat I create is colorful, simple, quirky, whimsical, functional. My pots can be a part of your daily routine, creating smiles and laughter in your home. There are enough unoriginal, bland, mass-produced products out there, crowding our homes. And there is more than enough sadness and ugliness out there fighting for our attention, too. My goal, with this little potshop, is to let some color and joy slip in and brighten your day.
I create handcrafted pieces from the heart to be part of your day and enjoyed.
My dream has been to run my studio full time, creating fresh work, surrounded by family and love. Since I finished school, I have held many jobs, working as a graphic designer, waiting tables, teaching at summer camp, all while owning my pottery business. They have all helped support and educate me while Susan Stone has gotten off the ground. But at some point, it is time for me to take the leap to full time, instead of running in circles just trying to keep up with it all. I know that this is what I am supposed to do. Let’s do this.