About Us

Ever since I was very young, I have been drawing and sculpting creatures out of clay. The desire to create has always been there.

I started my pottery life after studying Ceramics at The Appalachian Center for Crafts. I hit a wall when the work I was making wasn't the work that I was drawn to. I wanted color, joy and whimsy while continuing to create functional pieces. I began painting pottery with colored slips, then carve back through the slip and clay, using straight lines like a woodblock or linoleum printmaker. This is the same style I have today.

For many years, my colorful designs have been limited to clay, but recently, I have realized a dream I have had for years and started designing for textiles. I love the versatility and ability to pivot from 3D to 2D, utilizing the same sweet designs and producing the same happy result, home goods that are lively and easy to use everyday.

With both clay and textiles, I keep the designs fresh, simple and practical. There is light-heartedness with each design, giving a piece its cheerful character. These creations are meant to be used and their functionality is really the backbone of each piece. And if the mug or tea towel is the backbone, the colorful birds and flowers are most assuredly the heart and soul.

Everyday I am inspired by things I see on my walks with the dogs or what’s blooming in the garden. Colors, Mid Century Modern Design, other artists, the ultimate functionality of a piece, all inspire me. I take inspiration from everything beautiful and simple.


Tony, my husband, has helped me realize the dream of printing. The pandemic kept him home from his teaching job for several months and after all of the projects around the house were completed, he craved something else. 

He cooked and baked nearly everyday, he learned to play the ukulele, learned to sew and taught himself to screenprint. A couple of those skills turned out to be incredibly helpful! He took to screenprinting quickly, taking over the tedious task of setting up the screens, mixing inks and also the actual printing. I pretty much just assist him in this endeavor. It's a pretty good partnership.


We work and live in Cookeville, Tennessee, with our two dogs and three cats ❤️
When we aren't in the studio or kitchen we enjoy being outside- hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, relaxing.