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Shipping Your New Pottery

Items available for immediate shipment will be processed and shipped USPS Priority in 1-2 business day.

I appreciate you considering and/or purchasing pottery from me. I also appreciate your concern when shipping your new pottery. Pottery is breakable, obviously, but I take special care when packing and shipping.

When packing pots, I use strong, unused cardboard boxes, selecting the size appropriate for the shipment. I wrap the pottery in kraft paper and bubble wrap. In each box surrounding the wrapped pottery are packing peanuts. Normally, I use biodegradable packing peanuts made from cornstarch. If someone is kind enough to give me packing peanuts that are not biodegradable, I will gladly reuse them. 

I use USPS to ship my packages. They've always been good to me and my mail carrier will pick up my packages any day I schedule them to. No more lines at the post office! More time in the studio! 

Each package will have a tracking number and I will do my best to pass it along to you. If I forget and you would like to track your package (I can be easily distracted), please don't hesitate to ask.